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The mandate of SSSAC/ACESS is to provide support to persons with Sotos syndrome and their families. Since a diagnosis of Sotos syndrome is typically made in the first few years of life, it can be very trying for families as they try to deal with the diagnosis, determine what they can expect for their child, and learn what they can do to best support their child’s development. SSSAC/ACESS endeavours to support families by providing them with information by way of handbooks, pamphlets, Internet, public lectures, discussions etc., and with emotional support by facilitating discussions with other parents who have been through similar experiences.

SSSAC/ACESS also promotes public awareness of Sotos syndrome in each province in Canada, amongst educators, families and members of the medical community, through publications, the Internet etc. It is hoped that with better public awareness, correct diagnoses will be made earlier, and delays in appropriate treatment and education will be reduced.